ワクチン理解促進講演会の後に、新たにALTとしてイギリスより来日し本校に着任したタスミアさんの着任式が行われました。まず、最初に教頭先生より英語でタスミアさんの紹介が行われました。その後、タスミアさんが全校生徒の前で挨拶を行いました。最後に、生徒会副会長より英語で歓迎のスピーチを 行いました。

タスミアさん 挨拶全文

Hi Everyone,

I am Thasmia, your new ALT from the UK. I am really excited to work with you all on your English. I have only been in Japan for 2 weeks, so please be patient with me whilst I adjust.

At university, I studied History, including a little about Japanese history. I also learned languages, and in my spare time, I enjoy travelling and learning about new cultures. I hope to pass on this enthusiasm to you too!

Also, as a history major, I am interested in all kinds of history and the different perspectives that come with major events. I think that it is important to consider these opinions so that we can expand our world view. I am particularly interested in your opinions on anything and everything, so that we can all learn from each other and become better international citizens!

When I am not at school、I enjoy reading about current events, writing letters and doing calligraphy.

Once again, I am looking forward to supporting you on your English journey!

Thank you!

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!